Mean Mistress online

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Mean Mistress – Bdsm Training Chat

Cruel, Sadistic,Evil,Black Women To dominate you live

There are plenty of Mistresses out there who specialise in a bit of light spanking and maybe some light bondage. All very sensual and playful. But then there are the TRUE dominatrix’s. These mean bitches are the real deal.

They are brutal, severe, strict and hard core. They accept nothing less than 100% obedience at all times and any and all acts of insubordination, hesitation at completing a task, anything not followed to the letter or even just because she feels like it, will result in a swift, brutal and severe punishment.
Cruel Black serious Mistress online
These types of Mistress are the ones which all wannabe slaves need. Being a submissive to one of these Dommes is not something you can pick and choose. They demand total subservience and they will not hesitate to show you what they are capable of. They are mean bitches and not to be taken lightly or attempted to be taken advantage of.

The absolute meanest and strictest are without a doubt the black dominatrix’s. They all have a naturally dominant nature, a built in attitude and a heartless desire to see their subs suffer. There is just something about African ladies On Cam that instantly causes any man to feel straight away that he is not worthy to even be in her presence and will make you avert your eyes as she bores holes in to you with her steely brown eyes and pursed lips.
Sexy ebony Women in latex dress for teasing and roleplay sessions

Entering a live ebony femdom cam session with one of these Dommes is an intimidating experience. As soon as you leave free chat they will straight away order you to strip. All slaves must be naked and humbled in front of their owner. With her dark brown eyes, long black hair and arrogant smirk, you will know you are in the presence of real female power. She will make you do all sorts of things that you will be powerless to resist

– Tie your cock and balls tight with string
– Beat your balls till they are purple and red
– Dress up in women’s clothing and parade around
– Eat disgusting concoctions of food
– Not allow you to orgasm
– Make you get on all fours and bark like a dog
– Have you beat your ass with a wooden spoon
– Make you shove dildos and vibrators up your ass

These are just a few of the things that dark skinned Mistresses do to their subordinates. These mean bitches do not give a fuck about your feelings or how much pain you are in. To them you are nothing but a plaything. A toy for them to bounce around when ever they feel bored.

As they shout abuse and yell commands at you, they will begin to sweat and it will glisten and bead on their black skin. You will be mesmerised as you watch it drip and you will appreciate the effort she is going to in order to train you properly so that you may be of some use to a woman in the future.

These mean bitchess are harsh task masters and they will deal with any flashes of arrogance in a brutal and effective manner. You will do well to remember your Ps and Qs and to show the utmost respect at all times.

Nothing short of complete obedience is enough, and some times even that can not save you from the wrath of these mean bitches online. Their imagination at the things and ways they can come up with to put you in your place will blow your tiny mind. They have the experience, dominance and heartlessness to do what ever is neccessery to mould you in to the perfect little slave boy who will walk over hot coals if his Mistress demands it

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