Norma Stitz -Biggest Tits In The World

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Biggest tits in the world

Norma Stitz is well known for her huge tits and when you look at the pictures of her you can see why.She has been voted has having the biggest tits in the world and no wonder. She is also a well known porn star in the adult section and has made many videos. But you can watch her live and interact with her on webcam by visiting her here
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This Women really does have the biggest boobs in the world and not just that- They are the biggest natural tits not some fake shit you see online all day every day. This woman is the real deal . If you want to see some class and you love Massive Tits then be sure to stop by her room and see for yourself- See Normas photo gallery full of pictures of her massive asset.
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This hot women has starred in many adult porn films and i have listed the ones below she has been in.
Porn videos she has starred in
These are just a few of her adult porn movies but she has also featured in many newspapers and adult magazines.
The Mirror done a piece on her which you can read here

As you can probably see she is popular and many people want to view, watch and chat with her. We can bring her direct to you right now via live webcam. If you want to watch this hot women get naked or play with those huge black boobs then step inside her live cam room now and see for yourself just how dam big and hot awesome she really is
Huge breasts- all natural boobs on live cam- NormaStitz

She findS it hard getting about with boobies this big and no wonder, simple things like getting up and down the stairs or sitting on a seat on a plane are really difficult tasks for this amazing women. But that does not stop us guys adoring her and her fans all wanting to see more of the big tit queen- Being voted the women with the biggest naturals is quite the achievement. Having appeared in many porn magazines like Juggs and plumper women – This women is a huge hit with all those men and women out there who have a huge fondness and fetish for the big naturals.
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We at Ebony cams Blog like to show case the best and the most popular ladies out there and Normastitz is by far one of the greatest for the boobie lovers and she just keeps on growing that fan base.

The Guinness book of records for 10 years – norma Stitz

For 10 years she has been in the Guinness book of records as having the biggest breasts in the world and having a chest with the size 102ZZZ chest is it any wonder? I never even knew it went up that high wow!!
Her breasts weigh nearly 3 stone each ( how do you carry that about every day) But she has managed to make them into a money spinning venture ( good idea) and she has had fame all over the world with tv, film, newspapers and live web cam chats sporting these huge beauties for the world to see ( thanks for sharing )

Love them or hate them, they are a must check out and if you are curious then hop on over to her live video chat which you can see right here by clicking the link below See Annie Hawkins Turner in the flesh and have the chance to interact with her in a private session in a live video chat rooms

View her profile here

You can view all of her pictures her xxx videos and see those amazing 102zzz up close and personal, watch as she sucks and plays with them for you in a web cam show, you direct it you can watch as she changes bras,
annie hawkins-turner live online showing of her Natural biggest asset Yes the biggest Tits in the world are waiting for you to view them live right now.

I never knew you could get size z Boobs or size Z cups ( you learn something new every day i guess)
annie hawkins-turner will get nude for you- she will oil those bad boys up, she will swing them ( OUCH) she will play with them and do what ever you ask her to.
Come see the world record for the most enormous Titties on the planet.
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